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Recovery Guidelines for Knee Arthroscopy with Meniscal Repair

Dr. Fuchs is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon that specializes in diagnosing and surgically treating knee injuries. To aid in recovery, Dr. Fuchs has provided his post-operation guidelines.  If you have further questions regarding recovery guidelines, call (425) 823-4000 to schedule an appointment at our orthopedic clinic in Kirkland, WA today!

0-6 weeks post-op

  • Brace 0-90° for 5 weeks post-op
  • Toe-touch weight-bearing for 6 weeks post-op
  • Use of crutches for 6 weeks post-op

0-2 weeks post-op

  • Pain/edema control, patella mobilizations if necessary
  • Modalities as needed
  • Quad Sets/Hamstring co-contractions 2-3x’s daily
  • SLR in brace at 0° until quad can maintain knee locked
  • Heel slides in brace
  • Obtain full extension if lacking

2 weeks post-op

  • Stationary Bike with seat high and lower to normal seat height as tolerated
  • Leg extensions with in ROM restrictions, use high volume and light weight
  • Leg curls with in ROM restrictions, use high volume and light weight

6 weeks post-op

  • Full WB (if OK by MD)
  • No pivoting, twisting, hopping, jumping, running
  • Encourage full ROM as tolerated
  • Normalize gait mechanics
  • Progress open/closed chain exercises as tolerated
  • Isokinetics exercises
  • Treadmill forward and retro walking
  • Single leg Stands for proprioception
  • Cardiovascular Equipment of choice
  • Slide Board – start with short distance and increase as tolerated
  • Be aware of PF signs and symptoms and manage accordingly

8 weeks post-op

  • Increase progressive resistance exercises for strength, high-intensity low volume; full ROM
  • Single leg squats

10 weeks post-op

  • Plyometrics – with both feet and move to single leg ASAP
  • Assess light jogging on treadmill

12 weeks post-op

  • Sport specific drills
  • Plyometrics for speed and power
  • Clearance from doctor prior to return to sport

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