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How Many Types of Cartilage Are There?

Cartilage is a specialized type of connective tissue. There are three main types of cartilage: hyaline (articular) cartilage, fibrocartilage, and elastic cartilage. Hyaline (articular) cartilage provides a smooth, white, glistening layer that covers the end of bones in a joint. The main functions of hyaline cartilage are to provide shock-absorbing properties and allow for a smooth, frictionless gliding surface in a joint.

How Can Your Knee Cartilage Become Damaged?

Knee Cartilage Injury Treatment

Knee cartilage injuries may present with pain, swelling, and/or locking if a fragment has separated in the knee joint. Hyaline cartilage has a limited capacity for healing due to its lack of blood supply. The surgical treatment options for cartilage damage in the knee are debridement (cleanup), microfracture to promote healing, and cartilage transplant. These procedures can be performed in Kirkland through a minimally invasive arthroscopic technique.

Methods for Knee Cartilage Restoration

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