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Meet Dr. Fuchs

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Robin Fuchs, M.D.

Specializing in Outpatient Knee and Hip Replacement

My approach to patient care is trying to take care of each patient like they are a family member. What I believe is really important is listening to the patient and truly understanding their problem and concerns. My favorite part of what I do is helping patients get back to their normal function.

Education & Training

Dr. Fuchs is a fellowship-trained board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery (MIS), joint replacement, and sports medicine.

Dr. Fuchs completed his fellowship in joint replacement and sports medicine at the prestigious Insall Scott Kelly Institute in New York City. During this time, he worked with the team physicians of the New York Yankees, New York Knicks, and New Jersey Nets. He completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital level 1 trauma training facility and was awarded the Florida Orthopedic Society Resident Research Paper Award.

Dr. Fuchs obtained his medical degree from the Penn State University College of Medicine while being president of his graduating class. He was the recipient of the Dean’s Award, the Medical Student Research Award, and the Medical Student Orthopedic Award. Dr. Fuchs received his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, where he graduated on the Dean’s List and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.


In his spare time, Dr. Fuchs enjoys spending time with his wife and four children in Kirkland. He enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, wake-surfing, and is an avid fisherman. One of his greatest passions is coaching baseball. He also speaks fluent Czech.



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